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When first introduced to the public in late 2008, the all-new 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255 – and its opulent sibling, the GTX Limited is 255 – were completely unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. Riding on a tiered S3 hull and featuring two astoundingly unique features: brakes and electronically-controlled suspension, the two iS-equipped skis radically changed the landscape of what a personal watercraft could be.

Met with equal skepticism and curiosity, the RXT iS 255 proved itself an apt competitor in factory stock form at the Long Beach to Catalina race in 2009, earning first place in Manufacturer Stock class and 10th place overall even when piloted at a ginger half-to-3/4 throttle by yours truly. Sure it took quite a bit of getting used to and it sorta looked like a big yellow banana, but it saved your author from days of leg cramps and fatigue that normally accompanies the brutal enduro.

The largest problem with the two iS-equipped skis – as illustrated here in this image from WMF Watercraft – is working on them. Being that the entire deck is suspended above a sealed hull, WMF’s technicians needed to devise a way to access the drivetrain. With the use of an engine hoist, some chain and some patience, WMF was able to climb inside and make some modifications to these three RXT iS 255′s.

In fact, when WMF Watercraft isn’t selling new watercraft, or newly refurbished skis, they’re actively tooling and modifying personal watercraft for those owners looking to pump a little more excitement out of their skis. We’ve covered a few of their projects and look forward to highlighting many more to come, so stay tuned for some high horsepower mayhem!
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