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From Stocker To Rocker

When asked, most people prefer the “small mom & pop” feeling of a store, restaurant or shop over the big, detached feeling of a corporate chain. But, that’s not to say that they don’t prefer the ease and convenience provided by big multimillion dollar chains. It’s a Catch 22. That’s why we have to give some big props to our friends at WMF Watercraft. The Millsboro, Delaware dealership manages to provide its clients both with a small, intimate shopping and service experience while simultaneously offering fast and immediate results, pricing and repairs worthy of a big, corporate dealer.

In fact, this duality goes a lot deeper. Whether you’re looking for a certified pre-owned personal watercraft that has been looked over with a fine-tooth comb, a brand-new uncrated runabout for your long days out on the water, or a trick, custom-tuned supercharged hot rod to leave a swathe of boiling water behind you, the guys at WMF can do that too. Their sales and service departments offer an array of options, be it for your beer budget or champagne dreams.

In fact, Watercraft Performance has done a couple of articles on trick builds that the WMF service department that customers have asked for, in addition to them moving quality used skis that need to find a new home. If you call the Eastern Seaboard home, and you’re looking for a dealer to call your own, WMF Watercraft is waiting for you.
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